Welcome to my Ignoble Experiment

Posted: March 22, 2012 in Randometry
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In keeping with the constant and unending multimedia bombardment and sense-numbing pop saturation, I bring to you, undoubtedly some lost individual who clicked an unfortunate chain of links, this website. Yes, it will be rife with run-on sentences. Yes, it will be more than likely updated infrequently and look as professional as a grandmother’s attempt to fill her twilight years learning web design, but it’s here. Check back in to see what nonsense I channel that is longer than the 140 characters allowed me on Twitter but too short or pointless to find its way into anything I write.

Speaking of writing, I’ll try to have some updates on that front as well. They Tell Me I’m The Bad Guy has been picking up slivers of steam in sales here and there, and I’m currently eleven chapters into writing what will be my second novel; a 1920’s hardboiled detective novel that I’m bringing my own what-I-loosely-call-‘flair’ to. With luck, it will be finished late summer and forced upon unsuspecting publishers, one of which will hopefully be drunk enough to put it in print. After that, well . . . Donnie’s story isn’t exactly done.

Apologies in Advance,

R. D. Harless

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere. Now get back to writing . . . advice I could use as well.

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