So, yes, Donnie’s sequel is in the process of being written. I’m not going to drop any plot points or anything because this thing could second drafted to hell and back and leave me looking like a jackass that doesn’t know what he’s doing. And I am not in the habit of making myself look like a jackass that doesn’t know what he’s doing on purpose. But the important takeaway for you, the hypothetical reader, is this: you can haz sequel. Narrative is getting forged and shit. There is dialogue. F-bombs are being dropped willy and also, nilly. And when They Tell Me I’m The Bad Guy: Return of The Beast hits your Kindle like a drunk starting a fight with the sun, it will do so as the product of a lot of work, overthinking, and the emotion you hu-mans call ‘love.’ For now, though, it’s still mostly that first thing: a lot of work. And work is hard. Write that down.

Hugs and Kisses,


  1. devilheart77 says:

    I always find your posts fucking hilarious. Loved the PIV (Profiles In Villainy) on Killer Frost and loved the post on paleontology. Your version of humor is hard to find in most authors but you seem very much the asshole not afraid to kick the reader in the proverbial nads when necessary. It gives your characters a rather unique tint to their personalities. Keep up the good work (I.e., don’t stop being a witty asshole)

    • rdharless says:

      I’m an asshole?! Sir, do I come down to the Accusatory Bullshit Factory where you work and call you names? No, I do not because gas is expensive. And I’m not an asshole. But mostly, gas is expensive.

      And thank you for reading. Smiley emoticon.

      • devilheart77 says:

        You just proved my point. And I wasn’t accusing. I was stating–as in it’s a foregone conclusion, a fact, irrefutable, other eloquent bullshit etc.

  2. devilheart77 says:

    You should also check out the Demon Lord series by Morgan Blayde–first book is Red Moon Demon. And yes, his name makes him sound like a pretentious ass but Caine Deathwalker, his main character is…awesome.
    In Caine’s own words…”God kills a kitten every time a girl masturbates. Save a kitten–sleep with me.”
    Also: “I know my place in the universe. Now lie still so I can stand on your throat.”
    And even better: “I cried when my school counselor told me being an asshole isn’t a paid profession.

  3. ROBERT BUSCH says:

    Any updates on the release of book 2?

    • rdharless says:

      It is happening but slowly. Oh, so slowly. Problem is I’ve set a much higher degree of difficulty for myself than the first one, and, personally, if a sequel isn’t as good as a first installment I tend to retroactively dislike the first one less (the exception to this rule is Die Hard). But, really, the biggest issue is that I just don’t have nearly the kind of time I used to have to bang on this thing. I could throw a bunch of reasons at you why that is, but I wouldn’t be interested in hearing excuses from some jag author (just write, you jag) so I won’t.

      I will say that I’ve hit several walls in the story, mainly because Donnie and Psycho Silvy and pretty much every other character in this damn thing is a difficult a-hole to deal with, but I persevere to bust through all walls. There will be a sequel. One day. Possibly before the heat death of the universe.*

      I’m just glad to know that some people out there still remember Donnie. Since I published the first book there’s been an explosion of comic book stuff across the breadth of pop culture, which has made finding a unique story to tell much more of a challenge than back in the day, but I still like to fool myself into thinking Donnie’s a worthwhile character.

      So I’ll keep working.

      *Not a guarantee

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