Obligatory Check-In

Posted: August 29, 2013 in Writing

Okay, so some of you are like, “Hey, R.D., you’re a cool guy, you’re with it, I kinda think about you while I lie in bed at night, but what’s the deal with the sequel to They Tell Me I’m The Bad Guy, bro?” To those people, I say, “Calm the fuck down and go over that third thing you said again, but real slow.” Then I say, “I’m still working on this hardboiled mystery thing. How about you climb down out of my ass, guy?”

All of this is to say that, yes, I’m *still* working on the hardboiled novel thing. I’ve got about 6 chapters of edits and rewrites left, but grabbing time has been a challenge and the ghost of Raymond Chandler is over in the corner wryly mocking everything I put on the page (and it turns out that phone number in Ghostbusters doesn’t even work, either). I’m of a mind that if I’m going to put my name on something forever, it damn well better be something that I worked my ass off making, thus, the still working on it part (Pro tip: it also makes negative reviews far more damaging to my soul).

I will throw out a bone and say that as far as TTMITBG2 goes, the last two chapters of the first book lay a lot of foundation for what Donnie will be dealing with in the second. DeltaBlue will be returning. A few other characters in those pages are down as maybe’s but haven’t yet committed. And there will, of course, be new blood to put Don through his paces (his horrible, horrible paces). And to put your mind at ease, I’m staying acutely aware of the symptoms of sequelitis. Pitfalls are everywhere, but I pledge to avoid them. That said, get ready to meet the wisecracking, precocious kid Donnie will be saddled with for the entire book and his hilarious catchphrase, “No way, Don-nay.” Also, there will be no more swearing. It didn’t test well. So be sure to pick up They Tell Me I’m The Bad Guy II: The Winter of Broken Crows when it comes out.

Hugs and Kisses,

R. D.

  1. Shit, fuck, damn, piss, fuck, fuck, fuck!

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