I Have Slain in Battle the Beast That is My Imagination

Posted: October 21, 2013 in Writing
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Soooo, the hardboiled thing is done. That’s right, finished. I could keep going back to it, polishing it, never satisfied (i.e., the George Lucas treatment), but it’s ready to send out to publishers. It feels effin’ great (or ‘just the tops’ in my current vernacular). It also means that Donnie is back up to bat (also up to bat: re-learning how to swear. You buncha bitch-ass shitheads).

Unfortunately for you guys (motherfuckers), I don’t like to tease plot details, characters, or story points (so suck it, assholes). But I’ve said before the last two chapters of the first book really tell you everything you need to know about the direction the sequel is going. Like They Tell Me I’m The Bad Guy, there are going to be psychological underpinnings to it the same way Polarization/Pendulum Effect was a sort of runner through the first one (spoiler: the theme was not f-words and nicotine). Also, Donnie’s still not going to be a damn Mary Sue (trope alert, dickhead). He’s been given the power to make fuck-ups on a grand scale so of course that’s exactly what he’s going to end up doing because he’s Donnie and Donnie fucking knows best despite all evidence, right? (biiiiitch)

So hang in there, fans. Shit is going to get way more real and way more unreal before this thing’s through (*middle finger*).

Hugs and Kisses,

R. D.

  1. devilheart77 says:

    They Tell Me I’m the Bad Guy was fucking epic. Love the voice of Donnie and his dim(but accurate) view of all the dipshits and dumbasses out there. Fucking fantastic ending. You must get the sequel published yesterday! I’m dying to know what happens.

    • rdharless says:

      Thank you, sir. I’m finishing up the last bits of another novel, but I’ve already started on Donnie’s sequel. After writing a capable, measured character for a while, it’s refreshing to get back into Donnie’s head. Because I get to throw both of those things out the window when it comes to him.

  2. Loved the book, too. Love that there is a sequel. Got a name yet? Keep going strong.

    • rdharless says:

      No name yet other than ‘They Tell Me I’m The Bad Guy’ with either a II or a colon and then something that will undoubtedly be exceedingly clever. The subtitle will probably come to me while I’m writing; most of the stuff I like best in the first one just happened on the page. But the working title for my own personal amusement is ‘They Tell Me I’m The Bad Guy: Forget All Mister Falcons.’

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